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Prepladder Neet PG Notes 2020

Prepladder Neet PG Notes 2020 Free Download

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Prepladder Neet PG Notes 2020 Free Download

Prepladder Notes Review:
You are wanted to learn about specific chapter. It will be a lengthy answer.

Audio Readings
Q Bank
Test series
Rapid Revision
How to use during prof years of MBBS
Learn what you're linked to.

Audio Readings
4.5/5 star, of all 19 topics combined.

Anatomy, FMT, Dermatology, and Pediatrics. I would tell you that there are no other faculties that can better teach this subject.

Even outstanding are pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, PSM, ENT, surgery, OBGY, orthopedics, radiology, anaesthesia ... They 'd cover just about anything in a way that would benefit you the most.

Special mention to Pharmacology Garg sir's and micro Sonu sir's mnemonics, Quick but still best study of orthopedics by Apurv sir along with inspiration, Short term coverage of medicine by Marwahsir in analytical manner.

By the end they 'd explain about all that's important to you. Then you may put your notes to confidence.

The standard of handwritten notes is absolutely fantastic, you don't have to write your own notes. Getting side by side pictures aids with the analysis a lot.

Q Bank
3.5/5 Complete QBank start.

The one part that I don't think is so sweet. Perhaps because of setting the high expectations. There are some unsolvable issues. Others aren't contented enough. Some have questions that are too simple and too many to answer. Maybe I'll do more by 2020.

Even though I rate other QBs higher, I think it's done through the best faculties. And if you can't afford 2 hings, and want to go to Prepladder, you can believe them.

Test Series
Check pack: 4.5/5 rating

Many very strong examples are

Take it with option to build your own time table at any time. For SWT.
Video fixes.
Yields are large, so there are enough GT numbers to prepare for each test.
Fast Review
5/5 star for this redesign plan.

It is a key move in planning for PG. If you have all-year lessons, learned and memorized for a whole year, 80 percent of it, nearly all imp items are in just 2 notes before you. Until tests you should replay those items 4–5 times. Or a week prior to tests. (Full notes not possible)

Year 2
I'm not going to suggest a coaching until 5th term. Purchase a bigger pack after that if you want to, and only run through 2nd year subjects before your tests. It will also give you and advantage in technical exams.

Year 3
Same stuff. Purchase in 7th sem, go through subjects of 3rd year prior to your tests. It will also give you and advantage in technical exams. I 'd tell you the perfect time to buy some coaching footage.

Do some extra if in 6th sem. Much as 2–3 small subjects / 2–3 non-clinical subjects / a few medical structures.

Full professorship
Full subjects in the final year and some related non-clinical topics (not whole topics) for which co-relationship is required. As anatomy abdomen before GI surgery.

Intern: Perfect for prepladder
Who during profs hadn't read stranded novels, not so straightforward concepts. Would like to see NEET open. Timetable for hectic internship and only 9/10/12 months. Blindly trust them. Do as they say and you're going to get positive results.

Who has done some other coaching, but wants to clear some higher-goal central institute tests, needs to fill some void and some extra practice. Buy it as an add-on and use it with Rapid Revision mainly for the best stuff that I have listed.



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  2. Can you also provide the link for the Q-bank and test series as well? Thanks for uploading thsi stuff.

    1. Sure , we will try to do that. Happy reading !!

  3. In Prepladder notes how to fill those blanks.pls provide us complete 2019preladder notes...

    1. what do you mean by blanks? full 2019 Prepladdeer notes is available on the website already, kindly check Prepladder category. Hope this helps

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