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Principles of pharmacology - 3rd Edition

Principles of pharmacology kk sharma and hl sharma pdf free download

Author(s): KK Sharma and HL Sharma  
Publisher: Paras, Year: 2017

Pharmacology Theory 3e Main Features: Introduction of the third version of the "Pharmacology Principles," which draws on the basis of the previous two versions and in particular introduces the more current pharmacological updates that have been laboriously accumulated. Already known as a pillar of pharmacology, the past few years have seen its rising success among both students and teachers. Text not only educates but enlightens the mind as part of the patient care plan for the right variety of prescriptions for their treatment and supervision. This addresses a wide variety of subjects underpinned by drug studies; predicted with lucid principles in a succinct and detailed way. The textbook stresses the ease of comprehension, making studying simple. This involves an all-inclusive guide to the new therapies and treatment methods, representing accurate research on the activity of medications and their association with different diseases. Liberal changes have been applied to all chapters with up-to-date innovations. The book focuses on key and illustrated information, which, along with several well-structured and simple diagrams, are easy to recognise and remember by students as beneficial features. The book inspires the learning of sound drug treatment pharmacology principles, nurturing rational pharmacotherapeutic beliefs for centuries to come. Not only does its perusal help to obtain high scores, but it stimulates students of pharmacology toward a future, opening new pathways in the health field.
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